It is said that wellness is the complete integration of body, mind and spirit- the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.

At Wellatheart we decided to get to the ‘heart’ of preventive healthcare literally. Going by the rate at which cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is increasing, India is on the threshold of an epidemic. Not only did CVDs account for around one-third in 2016, they are predicted to be among the fastest growing chronic illness in the coming years. A more disturbing fact is that people between the ages 25-69 are succumbing to it more than ever, which is resulting in a loss of dynamic population to these diseases.

In fact, cardiovascular diseases have progressed at a faster rate than communicable diseases over the past few years. One can attribute determinants such as globalization and urbanization and their perceived fall-outs such as diabetes, hypertension, and lifestyle for the progression of CVDs, but let’s not forget that there is also an important, a more serious and silent killer – “STRESS”.

Holistic Business Model

Through our Well@Heart e-Health Magazine we aim to achieve a complete integration of the body, mind and the spirit. A common practice is to browse the internet to hunt out a quick fix remedy to solve a heart-related issue. There are also times when internet almost takes place of a doctor who is giving a second opinion when you need one. However, in most cases, the internet may provide too many irrelevant information thereby causing apprehensions to the reader. This concern has prompted us to develop the Cardiovascular focused Well@Heart e-Health Magazine that takes its users on an educative journey on how they can live healthy with the help of renowned cardiologists and medical practitioners on board. The e-Health Magazine also functions as a mobile market place where innovative products can be purchased for overall wellness and good health.

Additionally Its a platform which also provides state of the art products such as Life Phone Plus, the world’s first cardio-diabetic wellness monitoring system and other carefully curated preventive healthcare products available to its users.

Where the proactive approach to wellness takes care of the mind and the body, Well@Heart also ensures the integration of spirit into the approach. In this day and age of technology, there is one thing that transcends it all- Human empathy.

Human empathy starts with the willingness to make a change.

It is rather disturbing to note that every year about 1,50,000 children are born with heart diseases, of which a meagre 20,000 to 25,000 get treated. The remaining children lose their lives only because their parents are unable to afford the required treatment.

An amalgamation of technology and human empathy has given birth to Well at Heart’s holistic business model. A large chunk of the revenues will be channelized into helping children who cannot afford cardiac surgeries.

Your proactive approach to preventive healthcare makes you also a proactive benefactor of a cause- one that saves lives of children who would otherwise succumb not just to the disease, but also to its required treatment options.

Through our products and services not only do we usher yourself and your family into an era of healthy living, but also make a bigger impact on the society.

We believe that this is charity redefined. You are not making just a plain charitable contribution. By downloading the Well at Heart e-Health Magazine or purchasing any of the products You are ensuring your wellbeing and in the process of doing so, ensuring the wellbeing of many more children in the society and being part of the Well at Heart movement. It is more than just a business model. It is a concept.