Chris Thomas


He oversees the comprehensive planning process. He specializes in executing strategies for optimum results. He believes in collaborations through the platform ‘Well at Heart’ for taking the message of good living through products and services in the Medicare space.


Harsha S Rao


He provides valuable advice in implementing the vision of the company. While criss-crossing countries and continents in his capacity as a Solution Architect at TechMahindra, he takes time out to offer his sincere advice to the progress of the company.


Asma Khanum

Chief Human Resource Officer

Asma is instrumental in holding the morale of the management together. Being a professional psychologist, she is instrumental in planning psychological products currently under development at Aerobicsoul. She brings invaluable experience in the field of Psychology and can sense even the slightest disturbance encountered by the management. She guides the top management in effectively handling challenges and hurdles that surface.