Aerobic Soul

Prevention is better than cure.

This adage is clich├ęd for a reason. And for a good reason too, because there is nothing as being too safe when it comes to your wellbeing. Preventive care forms an integral part of health care. It is a time-tested remedy of ensuring that you are always around for your loved ones and are also living your life to the fullest.

At AerobicSoul Medical Technology, our mantra is creating an informative and product based wellness lifestyle for your health and a healthy family around you.

We are committed in ensuring wellness and have created a technology platform where innovators in preventive healthcare and wellness spectrum can help its users through our products and services. Our Cardiovascular focused technology platform Well@Heart e-Health Magazine opens up new doors to preventive healthcare with revolutionary products such as Life Phone Plus, a cardio-diabetic wellness monitoring system designed by Intel and manufactured by BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – a Goldman Sachs portfolio company.

A common practice is to browse the internet to hunt out a quick fix remedy to solve a heart-related issue. There are also times when internet almost takes place of a doctor who is giving a second opinion when you need one. However, in most cases, the internet may provide too many irrelevant information thereby causing apprehensions to the reader.

This concern has prompted us to develop the Cardiovascular focused Well@Heart e-Health Magazine that takes its users on an educative journey on how they can live healthy with the help of renowned cardiologists and medical practitioners on board. The e-Health Magazine also functions as a mobile market place where innovative products can be purchased to for overall wellness and good health.

At Aerobicsoul we believe a holistic approach to wellness takes us a step closer to a better future. Well@Heart is more than just a platform. It is concept through which we will channel a sizeable chunk of our revenues into helping children who cannot afford cardiac surgeries.


  • Our vision: To enable wellness by building, collaborating and delivering innovative technology health products to consumers.
  • Our Mission: To create an informative and product based wellness lifestyle for health and healthy families
  • Our objective: To bring in a disruptive technology model to enable various medical charitable causes.